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Golf Fundamentals – Got ’em?

The correct fundamentals go a long way to helping you make a good golf swing. Having the proper grip, aim and set-up are all necessary for well struck golf shots.


We want to use one of the traditional golf grips, the Interlock, the overlap or the 10 finger. Getting your grip in the correct position is key since the hands are the only thing that connects you to the club. The grip must be in a good spot to produce a good swing. Check the link here to get a good grip.


Let’s talk about aim. Imagine you are standing on railroad tracks. For the right handed golfer, the track on the left is where your body is aimed, the track on the right is where your club face is aimed. These two aim points must be running parallel with each other to produce a straight ball flight. When we set up to the golf ball we want our shoulders over the hips, hips over the feet. This gets us in the best position to make a good golf swing.


Now set-up, also known as posture. A good posture has 3 bends. The most important bend is in the hips, keeping your back straight you bend at the hips. After the hips comes the knees. With the knees, you want to be bent, but not in a squat. You can play this game with very little knee bend. The last bend is a light tilt of you body towards your back foot, especially with the driver.

The 3rd bend will enable you to get your weight transferred to your back foot at the top of your swing. After the top of the swing we want to swing down and through and finish the swing on the front foot. Think of the motion of throwing a baseball as far as you can. You load up on your back foot, push forward and throw ending with your weight on your front foot. The same motion is true in golf.

These are your favorite golf pro’s fundamentals for having success hitting a golf ball.

Andy is available for lessons. Please call to talk with him or email at [email protected] to schedule a lesson.

Benefits of Golf for Youth

"I never played a round when I didn't learn something new about the game." - Ben Hogan.

Every golfer will agree that if golf, you're constantly learning by practicing, having patience and eating a little humble pie now and then.  Both adults and youth can learn a lot from the game, not just physically but socially and mentally as well.  And who doesn't enjoy being outside in a beautiful natural surrounding on a sunny day?

With youth, however, starting them early can result in powerful and positive effects that last a lifetime.

Physical Benefits

Golf is a low-intensity workout.  When choosing to walk the course and carry or pull your bag, you're getting a really good low-intensity workout.  Through this muscle is built, lungs will be exercised, hand-eye coordination and balance is tested.  Needless to say all the benefits of the fresh air.

Golf teaches proper nutrition.  When involved with golf, kids will quickly learn that sugary snacks or meal may not be enough to sustain them through 9 or 18 holes of golf with the results they desire.  The experience will allow them to realize what works and what does not, sometimes quickly.

Golf is a non-contact sport.  It's pretty hard to get a concussion playing golf.  Injuries may occur, but they are not likely to be like the ones possible in football or other high-contact sports.  However, golf is no different in the sense that stretching and off the course preparation are essential to building the quality of their game.

Social Benefits

Golfing alone.  If your child is a social introvert, a solo round of golf may be just the trick to help them expend energy and create memories without the pressure of peers around.

Golfing on a team. High school golf, especially here in Belle Fourche, offers the opportunity for junior-high through high school youth to compete on a team and to compete as a individual--the best of both worlds.  Team sports build character on a number of levels.

Golfing fosters creating bonds.  Long time golfers will often have their favorite set of buddies to golf with that becomes tradition.  The game of golf makes for ample opportunities to accept, applaud and encourage each other through the ups and downs of trying to master the game.

Mental Benefits

Golf teaches discipline.  There are many rules in golf both in the game itself and on the courses on which the game is played.  Youth working into their game will have ample opportunity to learn the rules and be guided by others on the course in the direction to go to achieve a high level of skill.

Golf teaches emotional control.  Every golfer will tell you there's nothing like a bad shot or bad round of golf to help you learn to keep your emotions in check.  This can take some time, but as they learn to bounce back, move on and get ready for the next new hole, they will get lots of practice in managing their emotional responses to adverse or undesirable situations.

Golf teaches responsibility.  It's just you, your club and ball out there.  When there's a bad shot or you bury your head in the grass, it's all on you.  The game offers the opportunity to see first hand the interplay of actions and consequences on a scale that is less serious than life.  Filling in that divot, keeping the cart in designated areas, etc.  All work together to teach your youth to take responsibility and deal with every situation at hand.

Golf builds appreciation for quietness.  Who doesn't want to have some complete silence when about the tee off?  Youth learn to keep it quiet while others are golfing and appreciate why when they are about to strike the ball.  If your child already loves the quiet, golf may be the perfect opportunity to get them outside enjoying nature in the quiet.

Golf teaches integrity--doing what's right when nobody is watching.   Golf offers ample opportunities to both tempt and teach this subject.  Whether it be a ball with a bad lay, or just keeping track of the actual number of strokes to get ball down hole--the eyes of others on the course watching will help your youth learn how good it feels to act with integrity.

Next Steps

Consider enrolling your child in our Junior Golf program.  It begins on June 11th.