Couples League will start with a fun night on May 31st. We will be playing a few different games this year. Chapman, Scramble and Alternate Shot events will be in play this year.


Mixed teams of member from BFCC


Monday’s May 31– August 23


$40 per team.


Playing 2 to 3 teams per hole. If you cannot make it, you are responsible for finding a substitute team. If you need help finding a sub team, contact Andy for assistance. If you do not show, you receive zero points. Handicap will be used for every event. Points will be awarded every week. The team with the most points will win the regular season. Points will be re-set and the last 3 weeks will be the


Regular Season Points Schedule. If we have 24 teams, the 1st place team will get 24 points, 2nd place will get 23, 3rd place will get 22 and so on until the last place team gets 1 points.  The first week of playoffs will be 3x the points. The 2nd week of playoffs will be 4x the points. The last week of playoffs will be 5x the points.