On the Green

When others are putting, avoid standing right by the hole or in the putter’s line of sight.

Use a ball marker or a coin to mark the position of your ball if your ball might be in the way of someone else’s putting line.

Repair all ball marks on the green your ball makes with a divot repair tool or a long tee.

In the Bunkers

Rake the bunkers, including all of your footprints and ball marks.

Grab the rake before you head in.

Be sure to not let your club head touch the sand before your shot, otherwise it’s a penalty.

Pace of Play / Playing Through

If you’re still new enough to the game and it’s taking quite a few shots to get the ball down hole, top your score off at 10.

Watch for players / groups that are moving at a faster pace then you.  If they are queued up at the tee box waiting for your group to finish the hole, consider stepping aside at the next tee box to allow them to play through.

Golf Carts

Avoid driving the carts on the greens and in the bunkers and native areas of the course.

Use the cart path only where marked (usually Par 3 holes are cart path only).

Avoid wet spots and roped off areas.

Park the cart when someone else is about to hit a ball.

Take turns slowly on paths and fairways to avoid turf damage.