Day of Week: Wednesday

League Start Time: 5:30 pm

Start Date:

Cost: $50.00

Two Player Teams.  Match Play with the low handicap on each team playing each other and the high handicap of each team playing each other.  Match Play will start May 3rd.  The Bracket Tournaments will finish on September 6th.


1 Point is available on each hole. Win the hole, win the point. Tie the hole and halve the point. The team with the most points wins the match.

Season Scoring

Teams will be split into flights based on combined handicap. Points scored in every match will be added together to create a season total of points. The top teams in each flight will go to the Championship Bracket Tournament. The lower teams in each flight will go to the Consolation Bracket Tournament.

Optional Skins Game

There will be an optional $5 Skins Game and Deuce Pot every week. Skins game will be 50% of handicap and Deuce Pot will be gross with no handicap.

Contest Holes

Hole 5 Closest to the Pin and Longest Putt on Hole 7 every week. Winner get a $20 BFCC Gift Certificate.

Registration fees must be paid in-person with cash.